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Wm. T. Follis, LLC, Realtors

Follis Realtors is the oldest, independent real estate company in Bellingham. I have been associated with Follis Realtors, since 1990, working as the Sales Manager for over 20 years. As well as being a long-time leader in listing and selling properties, Follis Realtors is the largest appraisal firm north of Seattle.

We appraise all kinds of properties throughout Washington, as well larger commercial or industrial sites in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.

If you list your home with me through Follis Realtors, I will provide you with a "Free Bank Appraisal" on your property so you can be confident in listing the home at the highest realistic price so as to maximize your return.

In this "HOT" real estate market, you have to be careful what your listing price is so you don't leave any money--which would have been yours--on the table.

I will represent your best interests.


Kerry Helm
Kerry Helm

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